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Boating Safety Patrol 

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Boating Safety Division maintains two patrol boats, designated to patrol the waterways surrounding Jefferson County. These patrol boats are staffed by Deputies trained in the very latest in boating enforcement technology. The two boats are equipped virtually the same as any patrol car, complete with emergency lights, spot and floodlights, and radios (marine band and police). The Boating Safety Division patrols Cherokee Lake, Douglas lake, and the Holston River between the months of April till the end of September. To view boating regulations for the State of Tennessee click here

Sheriff McCoig on Sheriff Department's Mako Patrol Boat

Cherokee Lake is one of the oldest of the TVA reservoirs. Construction on Cherokee Reservoir Dam was begun August 1, 1940 and was completed December 5, 1941. The dam is 175 feet high with a length totaling 6,760 feet. Cherokee Lake covers 30,300 acres at full pool, is 59 miles long, and has 463 miles of shoreline attracting over 2.5 million visitors annually. It collects water from a 3,428 square mile watershed. Cherokee Lake is shared by Hawkins, Grainger, Hamblen and Jefferson Counties. The three major towns surrounding Cherokee Lake are Morristown, Jefferson City, and Rogersville.

Douglas Lake was constructed in 1943 for the purpose of flood control and hydroelectric power generation. The lake was created by damming up the French Broad River. Jefferson, Sevier, Hamblen, and Cocke Counties surround Douglas Lake. The major towns around the lake are Sevierville, Dandridge, and White Pine. The major tourist towns of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg are located within miles of the lake. Douglas Lake (Douglas Reservoir) has over 550 miles of shoreline with a surface area greater than 30,000 acres at full pool. The reservoir itself is 43.1 miles long, with a maximum depth of 140 feet, and collects water from a 4,541 square mile watershed. On Douglas Lake, the typical annual fluctuation of the water level is about 54 feet. The lake is fed by the French Broad River and Nolichucky River, both of which originate in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Holston River

Holston River is a major river system of southwestern Virginia and East Tennessee. The three major forks of the Holston (its North, Middle and South Forks) rise in southwestern Virginia and have their confluence near Kingsport, Tennessee. From there the river flows roughly southwestward, just north of Bays Mountain, until it reaches its confluence with the French Broad River just east of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. This confluence is considered to be the headwaters of the Tennessee River. The river was named after Stephen Holston, who built a cabin on the upper reaches of the river in 1746