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       Share your crime tips

        Do you have information on a crime? There are several ways to share this information with the Sheriff's Department:

bullet Is the crime in progress right now?

Telephone 911 to report emergencies.

bullet Is it important that this information be acted upon soon, but not important enough to call 911?

For non-emergency reports, suspicious activity, or requests, call the non-emergency number. (865)-475-3482 

bullet Are you the victim of a crime that has already been reported

Additional information such as new witnesses, possible suspects and other leads are always useful to solve your case. Call (865)397-9411 to speak with a Detective or Deputy who may have knowledge about the case.

bullet Do you want to send an anonymous tip via the Internet?

          Click here to send a crime tip via email to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. Remember if it is a time sensitive matter you should call 911 or the Sheriff's Department (865)397-9411 ext 1101


The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department encourages the public to be involved in helping fight crime in their community and to be in partnership with the Sheriff's Department. Crime tip's supplied by the public will be reviewed. Not all crime leads will be given an investigator due to the prioritizing of information that is most current, accurate and could possibly lead to conviction and arrest. Information that is gathered will be then turned over to the appropriate departmental unit.

All information provided is done so on an anonymous basis unless you prefer to leave contact information.

If you have any Law Enforcement Related questions or comments please email them to: Questions@jctsd.org