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Criminal Investigations

Chief Deputy Tim Carter

865-471-6000 Ext. 1102


The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for investigating and solving the cases received from the patrol division that require further investigation. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Criminal Investigations Division handles a high volume of case files. Each case is treated with timely and respectful procedure and guidelines.

Detectives perform many tasks in order to solve cases. They may have to surveillance all hours of the day and night, retrieve evidence from all of Jefferson County, interview suspects of crime and witnesses to crimes, and travel many hours in order to find the missing pieces to the "puzzle."

Criminal Investigations, while not as visible to the public as Patrol, plays a vital role in the success of the department. Criminal Investigations has a role to play in community policing as well. Problem solving isn't only a Patrol responsibility. Detectives often see patterns in robberies, drug activities, assaults, and other crimes that can be positively impacted by working with citizens and patrol officers to find solutions.

Criminal Investigators

Chief Deputy Tim Carter                   865-471-6000 Ext 1102   tcarter@jeffersoncountytn.gov

Detective Ronny Coleman                 865-471-6000 Ext 1105    rcoleman@jeffersoncountytn.gov

Detective Curtis Owens                     865-471-6000 Ext 1106   cowens@jeffersoncountytn.gov

Detective Pam Taylor                       865-471-6000 Ext 1107    ptaylor@jeffersoncountytn.gov 

Detective Perry Moyer                      865-471-6000 Ext 1108   pmoyer@jeffersoncountytn.gov