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Patrol Division

Chief Deputy Tim Carter

865-471-6000 Ext. 1102


Deputies assigned to the patrol section respond to dispatched calls for service such as barking dogs to the most serious of crimes. They also patrol the roads throughout the county enforcing federal, state, and local laws. These deputies provide safety and security for citizens and visitors of the county. Deputies also serve civil and criminal warrants when not answering calls for service.


Each full time deputy of the Sheriff’s Department has completed a state mandated police academy for law enforcement officers and is POST certified by the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission. In addition to being POST certified, each officer also attends in-service training annually at certified training facilities on various specialized topics related to law enforcement.


The patrol division is broken into four twelve hour shifts and is overseen by the Chief Deputy. Each shift is overseen by a patrol sergeant. The county is broken up into six zones with a deputy assigned to work one of six zones.


In addition to deputies patrolling the roadways of the county, during the months of April through October our department also has a minimum of two deputies patrolling the waters of Douglas Lake, Cherokee Lake, and the Holston River. These deputies patrol the water to assist other boaters and uphold state and local laws.