Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

School Resource Officers

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Jefferson County High School

Deputy Jake Reneau

Office number: 865-397-3182

Jefferson County High School

Deputy Kristy Kirby

Office number: 865-397-3182

Rush Strong School (K-8)

Deputy Maurice Solomon (SRO/DARE Instructor)

Office number: 865-933-5313

Jefferson Middle School

Deputy Adam Watson

Office number: 865-471-6133

Jefferson Elementary School

Deputy Jerry Fugate

Office number: 865-475-4712

White Pine School

Deputy Garet Keller

Office number: 865-674-2596

Maury Middle School

Deputy J. R. Boyer

Office number: 865-397-3424

Patriot Academy

Deputy Joey Rush

Office number: 865-397-2360

Dandridge Elementary

Deputy Lacey Martin

Office number: 865-397-3127

Piedmont Elementary

Deputy Aaron Breeden

Office number: 865-397-2939

New Market Elementary

Deputy Scott Ward

Office number: 865-475-3551

Talbott Elementary

Deputy Andrew Smith

Office number: 865-475-2988

Mount Horeb

Deputy Adam Jefferson

Office number: 865-397-9472